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About Rockwood Peterbilt 2006+ Replacement Actuator Covers

Rockwood's Peterbilt 2006+ replacement actuator covers are a replacement for the actuator portion of rocker switches ONLY. These pieces do NOT replace the mechanical parts of the rocker switch. No rewiring or hardware removal is necessary to install these actuator covers.
The actuator covers are translucent, thus allowing the light emitted by your rocker switches to shine through. The covers do not include any additional lighting. There is currently no aftermarket replacement light available for your rocker switches.
The actuator covers are available in more than 30 different styles, all of which can be found on Empire Chrome Shop's Rocker Switch Trim section.

Installation Instructions

1. Slide the curved end of the removal tool under one end of the existing actuator.
2. Push down on the other end of the removal tool. You may experience some resistance, but the actuator should come off without breaking.
3. Push the new cover down in place of the old one.

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