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The Convoy Duck Goes to Iraq

On December 31st, 2007, we received a request from an American soldier in Iraq for one of our "Convoy Rubber Duck" hood ornaments. Through our correspondence, we learned that his company's original hood ornament, Pvt. "Charlie" Duck, an Alabama native, had been killed in action when an explosion hit his Humvee. Therefore, this company needed a replacement soldier - fast! So we called up Pvt. Convoy Duck, an Arkansan relative of the late Pvt. Duck, and deployed him across the ocean. Now in Iraq, his duties include boosting the morale of his fellow soldiers and guarding the Humvee on which he is mounted.

Empire Chrome Shop salutes Spc. Stephen Saucier and the rest of the U.S. Armed Forces for their service to our country.

Pvt. "Charlie Duck - R.I.P.
convoy rubber duck hood ornament
The explosion that took the life of Pvt. "Charlie" Duck
desert explosion
Pvt. Convoy Duck
convoy rubber duck hood ornament
Pvt. Convoy Duck, on the lookout for WMDs!
convoy duck hood ornament on hummer in iraq
On the way to a mission!
convoy duck hood ornament on hummer in iraq

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