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Stainless Steel Replacement Hood Grills for Peterbilt 389

Our selection of stainless steel grills is unmatched. Our options for your truck include louvered grills, horizontal or vertical bar grills, and the more modern "punched" style grills. Punch-style grills are available in more than a dozen different hole patterns. Stainless steel grills are all packed with all hardware you need to install your new grill. Changing your truck's grill can make the entire tractor look like new. Whether you prefer a traditional bar or louvered grill or something more contemporary we have several beautiful stainless steel grills for you to choose from. All of our stainless steel truck grills are manufactured in the USA.

We also carry stainless steel grill deflectors and other accessories that go around or near the grill of your truck. Aluminum grill bonnets or surrounds are available for some trucks, as well. And don't forget to pick up a matching stainless steel bug deflector to really polish the look of your hood. A stainless steel grill is a great place to start revamping the look of your truck's exterior. It can be costly, but not as much as a chrome bumper or a stainless steel sunvisor with LED lights!! Installing a new grill on your truck is also a good project to enlist the help of a couple pals. Or, if you're running through West Memphis, our shop technicians are real pros when it comes to installing these grills. No logo emblems are included with any grill. The logo emblems shown in product photos are for show and are not available. Logos are a dealer item only.
Peterbilt 388/389 stainless steel grill w/1/4" circle cutouts
Price: $459.00
Sold exclusively by our San Antonio location - see product description for more information
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