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Peterbilt 2006+ 379/386/389 Dash Chrome – Glove Box Surrounds and Covers

Your glove box takes up a large section of space on your dash, so you don’t want it to make the rest of your chrome look bad! Cover it up with one of our chrome or stainless steel covers, then chrome out the surrounding area as well. Our chrome shop carries all the parts you need to cover your dash in shine. Pick up a new ashtray, cupholder, air conditioner vent, or smaller pieces like chrome gauge covers and emblems. Many of our parts are available with jewels - red, blue, green, purple, silver - to match the rest of your interior or to bring your color scheme from the exterior of your truck inside. We've got jewels available for your air conditioner knobs, gauge covers, rocker switch covers and surrounds, toggle switch extensions, brake handles, and even more.

The wide variety of products we stock in our dash accessories section means you can spend as little or as much as you want to make your dash look great. Get just a few pieces to highlight specific gauges or switches that you use often, or go whole hog and buy every part available for your dash! In 2006, Peterbilt shook up their product line, introducing the new 380 series of trucks, including the 386, 388, and 389. They also completely redesigned the interior, replacing the classic toggle switches with rocker switches and several other more modern and ergonomic changes. As a result, Peterbilt is more popular than ever! Our parts make it possible for you to fully customize your Peterbilt. There may be thousands of them on the road, but no one says yours has to look like anyone else's!
Peterbilt 386/389 stainless steel glove box cover
Price: $48.99
Sold exclusively by our San Antonio location - see product description for more information
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