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Peterbilt 359, 379, 389, and More - Chrome Exhaust Systems, Pipes, Stacks, Elbows, and Clamps

All exhaust stack pipes are sold INDIVIDUALLY. All prices are shown PER PIPE.

Everyone loves a set of chrome exhaust stacks for their truck. Regardless of your truck's make, model, or year, our selection can help you change out your pipes, whether they're old and rusting or just not quite your style. Our selection of chrome exhaust stack products for trucks covers everything you need - flex pipe, clamps, elbows, center spools, top pieces, and one-piece setups. Some stacks are different from others - your pipes may be located on the side of your truck or on the back. You may even have just a single pipe instead of the more common double-pipe setup seen on so many over-the-road-trucks. In any case, Empire Chrome has the knowledge to provide you with the chrome pipes you need to look good and feel great about your truck!

Looking to go big? Our stock pipes go up to 8" diameter! Not looking to spend thousands, but still want that 8" look? Replace your top with a 60", 48", or 36" chrome pipe that is 8" at the top, and reduces down to the stock diameter of 5" for a more economical pipe solution. If big pipes aren't your thing, and you want to go for something smaller like 6" diameter, 7", or even 5", we've got those too. We carry all the pipe styles you want! Whether you call it straight pipes, turn out exhaust, mule ear stack, donkey ear pipe, pig ear, bull hauler exhaust, bull horn pipes, or slash cut stacks, we can hook you up with big, loud, chrome pipes!

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