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Kenworth W900 Stainless Steel Fender Rock Guards

Washington-based Kenworth is one of the oldest and most well-known truck manufacturers in the U.S. With plants in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Australia, they're a world-wide favorite as well. Many of our Aussie customers favor the Kenworth W900. We stock thousands of parts for Kenworth trucks, from the smallest chrome dash screw to the bulkier exterior replacement pieces like bumpers, sunvisors, and grills. The recognizable "keyhole" logo is a symbol of pride for many drivers, and we like to make it easier for those men and women to keep their truck maintained and lookin' good. Several hundred of our products for Kenworth trucks are manufactured domestically, and we also have a huge selection of imported pieces. Whether money is no option, or mama's got you on a tight budget, chroming out your KW will be a snap with our diverse inventory.

Kenworth's most classic model is the W900, which has been manufactured for more than 20 years - a very long lifespan compared to some other, less popular models. Its popularity rivals that of the Peterbilt 379. Our selection of Kenworth W900 exterior parts encompasses everything you could want to put on your Kenworth. A stainless steel rock guard is one of the most useful exterior items we offer. While many pieces just look good, these will look good AND protect your front fenders from rock chips and anything else that might kick up and hit your fender. The wide variety of truck headlights on the road means that these rock guards are available in several different styles to fit your truck and your personal taste. Pick a set with light holes to add extra marker, clearance, or turn signal lights to your truck, or go for a sleek, light-free style for maximum shine.
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