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Peterbilt 379 Dash Accessories - Gauge Emblems

Our chrome shop carries all the parts you need to cover your Peterbilt's dash in shine. Pick up a new ashtray, cupholder, air conditioner vent, or smaller pieces like chrome gauge covers and emblems. Many of our gauge emblems are available in different colors - red, blue, green, purple, silver - to match the rest of your interior or to bring your color scheme from the exterior of your truck inside. They're among the simplest items to install on your truck - just clean the face of your gauge off with some rubbing alcohol, and peel and stick the emblem. It's just as easy to replace them if you get tired of the color or need to replace an entire gauge.

The wide variety of products we stock in our dash accessories section means you can spend as little or as much as you want to make your dash look great. Get just a few pieces to highlight specific gauges or switches that you use often, or go whole hog and buy every part available for your dash! You look at your dash all day, every day. Don't you owe it to yourself to make it more appealing to look at? Replace the knobs you use all the time, including the tractor/trailer brake knobs, lighter, air conditioner knobs, and small control knobs for functions like panel lights and fan. You can even use a specific jewel color on your toggle switch extensions to highlight switches that you use the most often to make them easier to find out of the dozen that you probably have. In any case, we'd love to help make your dash a reflection of your personal style.
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