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Maxxima Amber 2.5" flat round 3 diode LED turn signal light

Maxxima Amber 2.5 inch flat round 3 diode LED turn signal light
One item that's been in demand for a long time is a small light with dual functions. Maxxima has finally delivered a great option with all of the high-quality you've grown to expect from their lights.

These amber turn signals would look amazing on a bumper - either in the bumper itself, or on the ends as a turn signal using our stainless steel housings, shown as related items. This light has three wires, and can be used as a marker/clearance light as well as a turn signal.

  • Fits any 2.5" grommet or mounting flange.
  • Hardwired with three plain 6" wires - there is no plug.
  • Two functions - marker and turn signal.
  • This light does NOT have a twist-lock back.
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