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Volvo VN780 2006+ stainless steel fuel tank fairing trims

Volvo VN730/780 2006+ stainless steel fuel tank fairing trims

People have been saying for years that you can't make a Volvo look good. We disagree! Help us prove the world wrong with these slick tank fairing trims.
Volvo VN730/780 stainless steel center fairing plates w/18 combo light holes ONLY
Center Fairing Plates
In Stock:Yes
SKU # 14310
18 combo light holes ONLY. Includes driver's and passenger's side panels. Lights not included.
Price: $399.00
Volvo stainless steel top fuel tank fairing plate
Top Fairing Plate
In Stock:Yes
SKU # 10952
These simple stainless steel trims do a great job of breaking up the blah-blah of plain fuel tank fairings. They mount using the included double-stick tape, but we do suggest adding a few rivets for stability. Includes both driver's and passenger's sides. No light holes.
Price: $199.00
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