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Stainless Steel and Chrome Axle Cover Kits

Some of our most-asked about items are hubcaps, lugnut covers, and axle cover sets. Most owner-operators and even a large portion of company drivers prefer to have their axles nice and shiny rather than the blah stock look. With prices ranging from $.39 to $5 for single lug nut covers, you can make your wheels look good on any budget. One of the most popular options on the road today, though, is the axle cover kit. These sets will cover the whole axle housing in chrome, on both your drives and steer tires. They're economical, too. Some of these axle cover sets will stay mounted to the wheel more easily than hubcaps or simple push-on style lugnut covers.

Axle cover sets are available in several different styles. Some will require the removal of your lugnuts to install, while other, simpler versions use lugnut covers that screw down over the existing nut, reducing installation time and labor costs. Depending on your usual driving area, you may want a stainless steel axle cover that will withstand harsh winters and road salt. You can personalize your axle cover kits just as easily as your hubcaps, too. Drill a hole in the center cap to add a spinner, or replace the screw-on lugnut covers with the colored reflector style to make your wheels stand apart. We’ve seen drivers do all kinds of things to their axle covers to make them their own.