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Chrome Pedestal Light Mounting Brackets for LED Lights or Incandescent Lights

Once you've found the perfect lights for your truck, don't forget to pick up your mounting grommets or flanges, as well as chrome visors or replacement lenses. We carry chrome visors and bezels for all the different sizes of lights, from the smallest 2" round grommet-mount light to the largest square fender turn signal light. We even have bezels for some of our unusual-shaped lights. Our chrome and stainless steel mounting flange are a great option for customers who don't like the look of black rubber grommets, as well as anyone concerned with light theft. Most mounting flanges make it nearly impossible for thieves to remove a light from your truck without damaging the light. They're also appealing to the eye. Make sure to pick up chrome mounting brackets for your pedestal lights, so when they're mounted to your bumper, step, or mirror, they look good too! Adding a chrome visor to a light makes it look great, but it can also help direct the light as you prefer.

Add a polished look to your exterior lights with chrome or stainless steel bezels to help blend them into their light panels. Hide those ugly black rubber grommets with some of our grommet covers - starting at just $1.39 each! We even stock chrome bezels for most of our pedestal-style marker and turn signal lights. Our grommet covers are available in all of the different standard grommet-mount light sizes - 2" round, 2.5" round, 4" round, oval, and rectangular.
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