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International Chrome Bumpers

A surefire way to change your truck's look and garner people's attention is to add one of our gorgeous chrome or stainless steel bumpers. Get one with pre-cut light holes and add LED turn signals, or go with a clean, UST-mount bumper with nothing on the face. The possibilities are endless! We can custom-order bumpers of any length and with any light hole setup you want. If it's your kind of thing, we can even have the bumper made with your name or handle cut into it. Our stock bumper lengths range from 18" to 22", with every sort of end style - rolled end, boxed end, and even several tapered bumpers.

Unless otherwise noted, all products with light holes include light holes ONLY. All lights must be purchased separately. Due to their size and weight, all chrome or stainless steel truck bumpers are call-to-order only. A custom shipping rate must be calculated for each customer.