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Stainless Steel Auxiliary Light Bars, Channels, and Aluminum Double JJ Brackets

Need more lights on your bumper, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new chrome bumper? No problem. Pick up one of our stainless steel light bars and add a few turn signals or marker lights for a fraction of the cost and labor it would take to replace the entire bumper. We also stock several different styles of light channels, that can be installed anywhere on the truck or trailer. Maybe you just need to add a temporary turn signal or strobe for one load. These light bars and channels are great for temporary use. Unless otherwise noted, all products with light holes include light holes ONLY. All lights must be purchased separately.

Double JJ Enterprises' cast aluminum light bars have been extremely popular with show trucks and over-the-road trucks alike for several years. The classic styling and beautiful craftsmanship makes them a great choice. They're simple to install as well. Add Double JJ bars to the front or rear of your fenders on Peterbilt or Kenworth trucks for a refreshed and classy look for your truck.

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