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Chrome Hood Ornaments

Our selection of chrome hood ornaments for trucks and cars features a diverse population of different animals, mythical creatures, and cool symbols to display on your hood. Some of our chrome hood ornaments even have eyes that light up, for a noticeable but not overpowering amber glow that really makes your truck distinctive. Represent your beliefs with a chrome cross, show your love for dogs with a chrome bassett hound, or stay with a classic look like the timeless chrome swan hood ornament. A chrome hood ornament can define the theme of your truck, whether it's Americana, using one of our eagles, or a classic truck/hot rod theme with mudflap girls everywhere. You can even tie in an agricultural or farming theme, with your choice of a pig with or without wings. These hood ornaments work great on smaller vehicles, too. Put one on your pickup to match your big truck, or stick a smaller version on your motorcycle.

Hood ornaments are NOT recommended for use as a grab handle to open the hood. For one, they are too pretty to abuse, and for two, their mounting hardware is generally not meant to handle that much repeated strain. Pick up a couple of our wonderful die-cast chrome grab handles instead. They're a great looking compliment to your hood ornament and will save you the heartbreak of potentially losing a hood ornament to a mechanic who doesn't know his own strength.