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Chrome Hood Ornaments

Our selection of chrome hood ornaments for trucks and cars features a diverse population of different animals, mythical creatures, and cool symbols to display on your hood. Some of our chrome hood ornaments even have eyes that light up, for a noticeable but not overpowering amber glow that really makes your truck distinctive. A chrome hood ornament can define the theme of your truck, whether it's Americana, using one of our eagles, or a classic truck/hot rod theme with mudflap girls everywhere. You can even tie in an agricultural or farming theme, with your choice of a pig with or without wings. These hood ornaments work great on smaller vehicles, too. Put one on your pickup to match your big truck, or stick a smaller version on your motorcycle.
Swan / Bugler chrome hood ornament w/Wonderwing
Price: $84.95
Sold exclusively by our San Antonio location - see product description for more information
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